Gratitude and Joy

Day 335 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Black Friday

Remember when shopping for Black Friday deals meant getting up at oh-dark-thirty, braving parking lot insanity and the madding crowds in the stores?

Neither do I, since I’ve always refused to put up with it.

I am lucky I don’t need anything badly enough to have to deal with crowds like this.

The internet changes everything, however. For me and Judy, we appreciate that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have morphed together to create one big online superstore. Our email boxes are filled with tantalizing offers for deep discounts on electronics, clothing, sailing gear, food and cases of wine, rental car deals (membership has its privileges), kitchen items, all manner of puppy accessories and more.

Every item in my email is a Black Friday special.

Oh, the wonder of it all! A steaming cup of coffee at the ready, I can peruse all manner of deals to my heart’s content in the comfort of my home and warm sweatpants. But I don’t buy anything.

That’s Judy’s job. She’s an online shopper extraordinaire. I mentioned Thanksgiving Day that I wanted a new Amazon Echo (“Alexa”) for the master bathroom. She snagged a pre-Black Friday deal … the device was delivered yesterday.

Our new dot is “deep sea blue” … can’t wait to get it connected.

Surprisingly, that’s the only purchase we’ve made this year.. Perhaps it’s because we’ve (okay, she) already snagged most of what we need in the way of gifts for Christmas already! But like with the Christmas catalogs of our youth, we like to look and dream. Shopping doesn’t always mean buying.

As a child, shopping was among the pages of catalogs.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. We’re looking for those Black Friday travel deals!

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