Food, Gratitude and Joy

Day 334 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Leftovers

We went out to eat yesterday. It reminded me of my childhood. When I was very little, we would go to the base “chow hall” for holiday meals. I didn’t understand until I was much older that it was more about my dad making an appearance than my mom not cooking, but it was always delicious and it meant no after dinner clean-up, so I loved the tradition.

Fast forward several decades to now. Our neighbors had been trying to get a reservation to an in-demand Valley hotspot known for its holiday meals. Tonto Bar and Grill in Cave Creek puts out a spread worthy of its reputation. From the triple mini-appetizer starter and right on through to the pair of desserts, we loved our food and cleaned our plates. 

A trio of appetizers.

The problem is that we really did clean our plates. There weren’t enough leftovers to even consider a take-home box. That means the refrigerator, which should be jammed to the gills with Thanksgiving leftovers, is nearly empty.

What? No leftovers??

Kathleen said she plans to make a turkey breast and stuffing in the next day or two just for the leftovers. I laughed, but here I am on Black Friday morning, wishing there was a little stuffing in the fridge for breakfast. After all, aren’t leftovers as much a part of the holiday tradition as the meal itself?

I will miss leftover stuffing … but I can always make some fresh.

I’m so grateful for the holidays and the delicious once-a-year treats on the horizon. I’m grateful for the space in the fridge I can fill up with all the goodies I’ll be making and sharing in the coming weeks. I’m joyful for the delicious meal shared with friends yesterday … but I will miss the leftover stuffing.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Save a little for the next day.

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