Gratitude and Joy

Day 337 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – The Lights

It starts with a single house. One ambitious, industrious family puts up a lighted reindeer or Santa or something and runs lights along the roofline. That night, the neighborhood brightens a bit and becomes more colorful. Then, within a few days … it’s ON!

Our house is ready.

Homes nearby and far away begin to sparkle and flash and entertain. Slowly but surely, the entire nation joins in on the fun.

A little peak at a friend’s house a few miles away.

Businesses jump on the bandwagon. HUGE displays pop up across our Valley inviting couples and families to walk through, drive through, shop, sip and even eat under brightly lit displays of holiday trees, light shows and decorations to enhance the festivity of the season.

We did one of the drive-thru shows a couple of years ago and loved it.

We’ve noticed more and more homes in our neighborhood are flipping the switch and dazzling the neighbors almost nightly. In fact, we did a quick tour over the weekend and spotted dozens of homes with envy-invoking extravaganzas.

I love Christmas with its lights and trees and seasonal treats and mostly its sense of joy and wonder. I love the glee on children’s faces and the “happy holidays” on the lips of those you come in contact with. I love sharing memories of Christmases past and dreaming of returning to the Christmas markets of Europe.

German Christmas markets are fun and festive.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, if you give it a chance, the whole world smiles and relaxes. Take a moment to embrace all the things in your life that bring you gratitude and joy. Have a Christmas cookie and a cup of hot chocolate. Read a book by the light of your tree. Smile more.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Join in on the fun of the holiday season.

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