Gratitude and Joy

Day 348 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – The Perfect Pedicure

Not that long ago, I was a regular at my favorite salon. Greg and I would meet after work every three weeks for a manicure. Every other time, we’d also get a pedicure. Then we moved. I’ve tried a few nail salons, but nothing was the same as my favorite place back in DC.

Once in a while we’d go to Patsy’s on a weekend.

Three years ago, while on a vacation, we splurged on mani/pedis and massages at a salon in Palm Springs. It was AMAZING. We talked about returning, but a four hour drive for a salon service seems a little .. um … extreme. So, we’ve given up on regular professional nail care. 

During football season, Greg even got his “V for Victory” nails painted with his team colors.

When Greg’s birthday approached this year, he asked for a pedicure. In fact, he asked if “we” could get pedicures. My first thought was “of course,” my second thought was to plan a mini vacation to Palm Springs. I called the salon, Studio M, and made appointments. My next call was a favorite hotel. The deal was done. He was thrilled and surprised. Our first stop was the salon.

Ah, the swirling, hot-tub-for-your-feet.

Our appointments were back-to-back and Greg insisted I go first, so he could stretch his relaxation out even after the pedicure. As he entered the salon, I knew just what he was in for … Step one … get that rarely pampered foot exfoliated.

Exfoliating to get rid of the callouses and rough spots.

There was a sugar scrub, lotion and massage … then his feet were mummified in hot towels.

The massage chairs works on your back while your feet steam, mummified in hot towels.

Lauren toweled off the scrub and oils, then massaged in more lotion. For Greg, that was the end. For me, a fun, sparkly red nail polish to decorate my tootsies for the holidays.

My toes are ready for the holidays.

As we drove to the hotel to check in, we shared the thrill of a really fabulous pedicure and the desire to have our feet pampered more often. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. If you’re gonna explore on your feet, take good care of them.

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