Gratitude and Joy

Day 356 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – No Hints, Please.

One of the best things about Greg is that he surprises me. I love surprises … well, I love true surprises. I really do not like surprises I know about. 

You’re not supposed to know about surprises in advance. Christmas is a classic example. From  the moment we’re old enough to understand, we know there will be beautifully wrapped surprises under the tree. UGH! Those aren’t surprises. They are little, brightly colored boxes of torture!

That pile of suspense in pretty packages.

As a child, I couldn’t stand the suspense of all those presents and I learned how to snoop without getting caught. I also learned that snooping ruins Christmas morning. I figured that out just before becoming a teenager. By the time I was old enough to appreciate the anticipation, no one believed I wasn’t still snooping.

The tag of torture!

I still wonder if my penchant for snooping and desire to uncover the unknown is what led me to my career in journalism. It was, after all, a professional license to snoop.

Anchoring the news was permission to snoop.

Fast forward to now. For the past ten years, Greg has managed to surprise me – a LOT! He gets it, though, and never teases me with a clue or hint of an impending surprise. He knows if I suspect something I will guess and dig until I know. I try to return the favor, but as much as I love surprises, it’s essentially impossible for me to keep them.

True surprises are awesome! (Photo:

It’s the time of year of surprises. There’s not much we can do to spare each other from the mysterious contents of the packages that arrive in the mail and decorate under our trees, but we can keep in mind that true surprises are not meant to be teased in advance. They are meant to be sprung on you out of the blue! Those are the ones I am grateful for. Those are the ones that bring me such joy I find myself retelling the story about for years.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Surprise someone you love!

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