Gratitude and Joy

Day 365 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – It’s Been a Wonderful Year!

We did it! A full year of gratitude and joy. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’m feeling pretty accomplished today.

As typically happens this time of year, many of my conversations focus on looking back over 2022 and evaluating its many successes and a few failures. A year ago today, I hadn’t even considered writing this Year of Gratitude and Joy series. I was looking forward to the Boxing Day sunset horseback ride Greg gave me for Christmas, trying on my new boots and hat. That experience tantalized my writing muse and resulted in the concept for an entire year of blogs. 

Day one featured a sunset ride in the Estrella Mountains.

Looking back over all the blogs written over the last 365 days … which I had to do because of my little “oops” that required me to renumber them! … I’m amazed at all the great things that happened this past year and greatly appreciate you sharing my gratitude and joy. Several in our community have said, “I love your blog” when we met. If I’ve brought a smile to your face along the way, then I’ve accomplished my goal!

I hope I’ve inspired laughter and maybe even a little courage to try something new. (Photo:

But enough about what happened last year! I’m looking ahead. We’ve already made some big plans for 2023 and the year hasn’t even started. Several trips are on the horizon. First, though, I have to fulfill my obligation to Arizona … I’ve been summoned for jury duty. Here’s hoping the timing of my week “on call” turns out to be too close to the holidays to result in the long drive into Phoenix!

Here’s hoping I get a reprieve from serving on a jury. (Photo:

In the meantime, I’m busy coming up with a plan to continue blogging. I already know it won’t be every day again. I have a small number of loyal readers who have reached out and practically begged me to continue. It’s flattering, but also a little overwhelming. I think once or twice a week will do or whenever the spirit moves me. I’m also excited that with the pandemic mostly at bay, travel is returning to some semblance of normal, giving me lots of fodder for

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Where are you going in 2023?

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