Making Space

The grandkids are coming! In a house with two bedrooms that means breaking out the blow-up mattress and finding a place to put a couple of the kids for a week. Up to now, we’ve used our home office as a third “bedroom” during visits.

The blow-up mattress was in the living room during one visit.

As spring break approaches, Greg and I wondered if there wasn’t a better way. We thought outside the box. What if we build a loft over the guest bed? We have ten foot ceilings, that should be do-able, right? After a lot of measuring and troubleshooting, we decided that was not an option. 

I imagined something like this … hahahaha!

I stood at the door of our guestroom like a teenager stands in front of an open fridge. I pondered. I considered. I looked for a solution to magically appear. My eye wandered over to the walk-in closet. Hmmm … what if we converted that closet into a bunk room?

Step one: Search the internet for a bed that will fit. Measure and measure again. YES! It could work! We loaded ourselves into the car and made our way to Ikea for bunk beds and mattresses. I realized we don’t own single bed sheets, so we made a side trip to pick up sheets and comforters. With an SUV full of new furnishings, we pulled into the garage.

“Honey, make sure we get a #1 and a #2.”

The next morning we emptied the closet of all my Christmas goodies. Some made their way onto a high shelf in the pantry. Other boxes are filling the shelves in the laundry room. Greg even sacrificed a small section of his home gym for my four Christmas trees.

It took us about three hours to get the beds built in the closet. There were some tight squeezes, but we got it done and stood back to admire our efforts. Then we realized we should paint the guest room while we were renovating the space. 

It wasn’t easy, but we made it work.

Two days later, the whole space is back together. We now have sleeping accommodations for four … complete with artwork on the walls and mood lighting. The kids arrive in two weeks and have no idea that they won’t  be sleeping on the floor at Grandma’s anymore! 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Sometimes the strangest discoveries are right behind the closet door.

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