A Groupalicious WARNING!

By Judy

Even though I had the best of intentions about posting regularly, time and travel planning got the better of me and I let the blog slip. I guess I’m not alone as (from what I’m told) most bloggers do the same thing. But … at least I’m back.

You missed out on a fun trip to Southern California where all the things I THOUGHT I knew about the land of palm trees and celebrities was shattered. Before I get to that, though, I have to warn anyone who reads this about groupalicious.

DO NOT BELIEVE THE “SMALL PRINT” IN THEIR ADS … there is even smaller and more restrictive print once you spend your hard-earned cash on their “deal”

My guy and I looked over a deal for round trip airfare for two to London for the unbelievably low price of $128. We found the catch … it required a three day stay at one of their contract hotels. A quick internet search revealed all the hotel options were in the $300+ per night range. Still, at that price, $300×3=$900 + $128 = $1028 for two people for three nights in London. A deal to be sure. We went for it. When we finally got the voucher, the small print said a TEN day stay was required. AHAHA!!! We complained loudly to Groupalicious. Their response? Oh, our bad … we can offer you a SEVEN day stay. That’s what the original deal actually said.

My advice is this: Either don’t do it AT ALL … or get a screen grab of the deal with the small print so you can prove your case and what they promise in the original offer. In the end, we opted to tell Groupalicious to go straight to wherever Kharma will take them. Sure, it’s a $128 loss … but better than getting ripped off at some over-priced cheesy hotel in London.

Heck, I’ve been to London half a dozen times and I know plenty of places I can stay for LOTS less than $300 a night that are really nice little places … and I don’t have to spend an entire WEEK in the city. I can get out and enjoy some of the English countryside on my own terms.

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