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B is for Belize

My “A” trip was such a success, I was hooked on the alphabet plan before I was home from the Alps. I started thinking about the “B” trip immediately. In fact, I kind of obsessed about it.  I got out an atlas and looked up places that started with “B.” I tried to figure out how to afford a trip to Bhutan. I considered Brazil and Botswana (really!) When reality finally hit and I knew budget would have to play a role in my choice, I looked a little closer to home. That’s when I spotted Belize on a map. Hmmm … Central America? Why not?? I don’t scuba dive, so I started looking for options inland and found the all-inclusive resort of Windy Hill about 80 miles from Guatemala. I could get there … and spend almost a whole week, including food, CHEAP!  Once I started the planning, I realized I could even add on some of the excursions. So … Belize found me climbing on Mayan ruins in the jungle, canoeing through a pitch black cave with my guide, riding horseback through the jungle for an afternoon, visiting a butterfly nursery – with gigantic electric blue butterflies fluttering around everywhere – and soaking up a little local culture in a nearby village. Sure, with double the money I probably could’ve gone zip-lining, or taken a boat excursion out to the famous “Great Blue Hole” but I had a great time and really got to experience a part of the world I would never have seen otherwise.

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