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H is for Hindustan?

Taj Mahal - Me and Mom

OK, I admit it … H is for Hindustan is a bit of a stretch, but my mom was living in India and how could I pass up a chance to travel there? The trouble is, I was only on H … and she wouldn’t be there by the time I got to “I” so … H is for Hindustan.

First let me say that long flights in coach can be miserable or not, depending on if you do it right. Now, here’s the trick: Flying is dehydrating. What’s a great way to re-hydrate (besides the obvious “drink more water”)? A SHOWER! I lucked out and found a way to have a 4 hour layover in Amsterdam. Schipol Airport in one of the nicest on Earth! I paid a fee and got access to the first class lounge. It offers free drinks and snacks and a sparkling clean, all-amenities-provided shower.
First Class Lounge - Schipol

OK, back to the trip. Mom lived in Mumbai and had arranged to take some time off so we could be tourists for a few days. India is startlingly different than anywhere I had been before. I wanted to try to blend a little, so the first stop was to a tailor shop mom used to get a couple of salwars … the loose pants and long tunic-like shirtdress with a matching scarf. Dressing like a native and being polite really does make a difference!
Me at the water palace

Then, we were off to see India’s treasures
Fatehpur Sikri – It’s an ancient city that served as the capital of the Mughal Empire from 1571 to 1585. Just seeing these ornately carved fortifications is an adventure.
Fatepuhr Sikri 3

Agra – of course, there’s not a chance I was going to go to India and not see the Taj Mahal … AT SUNRISE!

Taj Mahal - reflection

Jaipur – the pink city. It really is mostly pink.

Jaipur - detail of summer gate
Jaipur - Wind Palace 2

and the food … oh, the delicious food

Crawford Market - Veggies
Crawford Market - Spice Shop 1
Crawford Market - more fruit

All I can say is find a way to go to India once in your life. There is so much to see that will stun and amaze you.

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