Perry’s in Paris

Editors Note: We’re baaaacccckkk! Judy and Greg have been in major wedding planning mode for several months and as a result, we’ve failed to post some blogs written MONTHS ago. So we’re playing catch-up. Join us as we journey back in time…to the summer of 2014…

August 30, 2014

We’re going to take a diversion from our traditional diversions to talk about a “diversion” that’s a regular place for us, Paris.


And this diversion is spelled “BBQ.”  Let me explain.

Paris, Tennessee, is like a second home for us.  Here, Judy’s best friend and her mum live and it’s one of the most comfortable places we go. So comfortable, in fact, that we got engaged here and we’re having a wedding party here. So today’s adventure was to check out Perry’s BBQ, which we had heard had the best BBQ in town, and which we hoped would “cater” the party.

Located in Paris’ historic downtown a block from the courthouse (one of the wonderful things about old Midwest towns is that they ALL have a courthouse square), we almost missed it.  In fact, we drove right past it because I had the address wrong and it was on the side of the street opposite to where I was looking.  But we got our bearings and the big iron smokers on the corner in front of a red and white hut gave it away.

We ordered a rib platter (available only on Fridays and Saturdays) and a pulled pork sandwich with mild sauce.  There weren’t any tables, so we ate off the hood of the rental car.

All we can say is, “WOW.” Not just wow, but WOWEEEWOWOWOW! It is absolutely worth going way out of your way to Perry’s for their BBQ.  The rib meat fell off the bone. It was droolingly tender. The dry rub gave the meat perfect flavor and didn’t overpower. The pulled pork — equally delicious! We weren’t big fans of the mild sauce; next time, we’ll try the hot sauce.  But, just THINKING about those ribs is making my mouth water again!

You have to WANT to go to Paris.  It’s in the middle of nowhere…a good 45 minutes or so from any major Interstate (I-81 and I-24); a good two hours north and east of Nashville.  It’s mostly known for being the home of the World’s Biggest Fish Fry and its easy access to Kentucky Lake and the area known as the Land Between the Lakes.  But if you’re anywhere close, DON’T miss Perry’s if you appreciate BBQ.

Perry’s Facebook Page

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