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When (Most) Everything Goes Wrong

The food was delicious, but we had a good laugh over the Southern-isms printed on the wall and even on our waitress’ t-shirt.

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We’ll Always Have Paris

For me, Paris was always a place to feel at home with my best friend and her family.


Paris is where my friends meet

By Judy This scale model of the Eiffel Tower is a tourist draw for Paris, Tennessee If you know me, you know about Paris. It's one of those things Greg and I love to say to mess with people. We talk about going to Paris ... (long pause) ... Tennessee. It's a little town on… Continue reading Paris is where my friends meet


Perry’s in Paris

Editors Note: We're baaaacccckkk! Judy and Greg have been in major wedding planning mode for several months and as a result, we've failed to post some blogs written MONTHS ago. So we're playing catch-up. Join us as we journey back in the summer of 2014... August 30, 2014 We’re going to take a diversion… Continue reading Perry’s in Paris