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Baby Goats

As a blogger I spend more time than I should online. Facebook is one of those places that can really suck me in. It’s so bad I went through my friends list and cut it WAY down to encourage me to live my life in person instead of virtually (with my face in my phone). It’s been very enlightening … but not as effective as I had hoped.

Baby goats nap in fresh hay

One of the things I’ve learned is, my Facebook page has even more ads and junk now. Despite that, I am seeing my friends’ posts more often and one thing I noticed is: Everyone seems to love baby goats!

That little baby goat face is adorable.

A recent trip to visit my daughter and her three cuties gave me the chance to experience this phenomenon for myself. I’ll admit it, baby goats are absolutely adorable.

Stacy has a friend who raises baby goats, chickens and a couple of other farm animals. She has taken the kids to the farm regularly to see the babies and get some snuggle time.

The first challenge is catching the little goats. They are SUPER fast and love to hide behind their mamas. Oddly, the mama goats aren’t particularly protective. 

Even four-year-old Dani can handle the babies.

Once they are grabbed, the babies give out a single loud “maaaaa” then nestle down in for hugs. Even four-year-old Dani had no trouble holding on to a baby.

The baby goats seem to enjoy being held.

Sam and Lizzie have favorites among the babies. Sam’s favorite is getting a little older now and he’s already eyeing the new babies for his next favorite. 

Lizzie was apprehensive about holding a chicken.

The farm visit gives the kids a chance to see how much work is involved in animal farming. They help feed the goats, pigs and even chickens when their visits coincide with meal times. This visit didn’t include meals, but gave the kids the chance to hold one of the chickens. 

A rare calm moment for a mom of three little ones.

It reminded me how much we all seem to love baby animals. Zoos post pictures of the babies born each spring. Exhibits with babies are always popular. Puppies and kittens are practically guaranteed to bring loads of “awwwwws” anytime they are spotted. 

If you find yourself faced with the opportunity to hold a baby goat, do it! I admit it, I’ve been bitten by the baby goat craze. I jokingly sent Greg a note telling him I was bringing one home (no, I didn’t really get a baby goat). He knew I’d feel that way. I’m an animal lover, after all.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Why not explore the love of a baby goat?

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