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Those “Oops” Photos

How many remember film cameras? Those precious canisters or cartridges sealed to keep out the light, carefully placed into the back of your camera. From that moment on, each image was carefully framed with one eye closed and the other peering through a tiny viewfinder. Lighting was a hard-learned lesson. And, of course, the weeklong wait (or more) for the actual pictures to come back from the processing lab seemed never-ending . A lifetime ago, photographers used to say “in any roll of film, you might have one or two images worth keeping.” 

Welcome to the digital age. We grab our phones, point the camera at something and snap away. We take pictures (accidentally) of our feet. We easily spot the blinking person in a pic and take another shot. We quickly correct the lighting errors, make corrections, and click again.

It took five tries to get all smiles. (Drag the arrow left and right to see the difference)

Everyone has a camera at the ready. Instagram is proof that we all love to not only take pictures, but share them … at least SOME of them.

What about those “oops” photos? These are often the difference between “What is the wind doing with my hair?” and “Gee, doesn’t this wind make my hair look amazing?” 

I’ve compiled a few “oops” shots from recent vacations. I had to grab ‘em quickly, before someone hit the delete button. I hope they bring you a few laughs and remind you that even the “oops” moments are fun memories, worth keeping, even if you don’t share them.

I forgot the “before” pic of this delicious dessert – oops.
This would be a decent selfie if I’d used a flash – oops.
Um … bugs on the windshield and the sun’s reflection ruined this shot – oops.
What the??? Elbow shot?? – oops.
Oh … point, AIM, shoot – oops.
My camera is supposed to auto focus … maybe it needed coffee as much as I did – oops.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Keep a few of the memories that make you laugh – and maybe even groan.

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