Gratitude and Joy

Day Ten – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Photographs

As I sit at my desk typing my daily blog, I look around my office space and smile at the memories on the walls – certificates, diplomas and photographs. I am filled with gratitude and joy.

Photographs capture a moment in time. Whether a moment destined to change your life, like a wedding picture snapped as a couple exchanges vows …

Or a moment far less memorable, but destined to be retold because it is a visual reminder of something that happened once. One such pic is a shot of my granddaughter and me laughing. We were with family enjoying a dinner out. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but we must have been sharing jokes or something, because Lizzie and I are clearly laughing out loud.

Laughing at something … what a great memory.

There’s the picture I hold close to my heart of Greg, sleeping at the TWA Hotel as the sun rose on a December morning. His peaceful expression reflected the early morning light as planes taxied on the runway outside our window.

Sunlight on his peaceful face.

There’s a snapshot of my dad, proudly holding the yellow fin tuna he caught on a fishing trip on the Gulf of Mexico. I remember that day, my Grandmother was visiting from New York, we spent the day on the water before falling into bed exhausted from so much sun.

My dad showed off his catch of the day.

There’s the image I captured when Greg’s mom was visiting us in Virginia. We loaded her into our car, drove to Lewes, Delaware and boarded the ferry to Cape May, New Jersey to visit her sister and other family. His mom loved the water and the duo sat in the sun, feeling the wind in their hair and enjoying the feel of the boat gliding over the waves.

Happy memories with mom.

There are so many photographs. I have boxes and albums filled with memories that bring laughter and, sometimes, bittersweet tears of those I’ve lost. Thank goodness for those photos. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Don’t forget to capture a moment or two of your travels – a memory forever.

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