Gratitude and Joy

Day 16 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – My Bed

I am grateful for my bed.

I just spent a weekend visiting my daughter, three grandkids and their puppy. I am filled with joy, hugs and puppy kisses. … And I am utterly unrested!

Dani plays and laughs fearlessly when playing with her puppy.

Since it was just me, I chose to stay with “the kids” and skip the hotel. It’s so much more familiar to wake up to their sleepy faces and morning grumbles. It gives me a chance to snuggle them late at night as they fall asleep and get those early morning hugs. But it’s a trade-off.

We snuggled for real, but had fun with a fake sleep pose.

While hotel beds are never the same as sleeping in your own bed, they are vastly better than crawling into my granddaughter’s twin bed and sharing the space, at her insistence, with a menagerie of stuffed animals. I managed to sleep, certainly, but with every roll over, I was awakened by an unfamiliar presence – a bear, a doll, several security blankets.

She insisted I sleep with all her animals and blankets.

As I sat on the plane on my flight home, I felt the bittersweet combination of joyful anticipation of sleeping in my own bed and the sadness of already missing their smiling faces. So, gratitude and joy today are mixed with a twinge of something akin to homesickness. I guess the fact that I can feel all of those emotions together is yet another thing to be grateful for.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. It’s OK to miss home AND the places you travel at the same time, right?

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