Gratitude and Joy

Day 23 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Change

My gratitude today will be unusual for a lot of you … I am grateful for change. A quick Google search reveals change is on many lists of things people don’t like. In fact, there are MANY websites dedicated to why change is considered a fear. 

Not for me.

Perhaps it’s because I grew up moving every couple of years – changing homes, schools, friends, everything. When things don’t change, I get antsy. I feel nervous when most people finally settle down into a sense of calm. 

For someone with an incurable case of wanderlust, that seems to make sense. I crave new. I crave … well … change. 

I’m VERY lucky that Greg appreciates a little shake-up in our lives regularly as much as I do. The other day, we were standing at the door of our home office, gazing unhappily at it. There was something that could be better. We came up with a few ideas, got out the measuring tape and rearranged the whole room. We love the new look. 

The same thing happened just yesterday. We stood in our home bar and decided it needed a small makeover. Within an hour we’d taken several items off the wall, added a new shelf, rearranged several items and .. VOILA … a new, fresh look.

Sometimes small changes make a big difference.

Sometimes it’s the little changes that make you smile –  a new bedspread, or new towels in the bathroom. Something as simple as fresh flowers on the table can brighten a room without giving you the panic of a whole-scale change. 

Fresh flowers add a new look to any room.

I admit it’s a little weird, but I’m grateful for change and the joy of new looks, new places and new things. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Embrace the changes you encounter along the way.

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