Gratitude and Joy

Day 39 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Artists

Artists amaze me. I am inspired by so many different things, but wandering through an art show always leaves me wondering where these gifted people get their ideas.

We have a friend in Key West who creates beautiful pieces. Carol Tedesco has an eye for the captivating and snaps images that have appeared around the world and in art she creates. We were lucky enough to attend a showing of her work – and even managed to snag a couple of pieces which hang in our home.

Carol happily posed with us and our new purchase.

On a road trip last year, we drove through Madrid, New Mexico, where artist studios dot the only road through town. We stopped and wandered the shops and found a fun piece by a creative soul who reuses discarded items to craft fanciful sculptures. A Saguaro cactus made from forks lives in our yard next to the pool.

A fun find on a road trip decorates our back yard.

A trip through Palm Springs found us gaping in delight at the Shag Store where we bought the first piece of art to hang in our Arizona house. Since that first visit, we’ve proudly obtained more of Shag’s work. We’re officially fans.

We fell in love with this mid-century take on a pool party.

It’s not just finding and buying art, it’s allowing the colors and flow of pieces to leave you gobsmacked in wonder. River walks often feature local artists. Many towns have raised funds with businesses and artists teaming up to decorate everything from donkeys and elephants to pigs and more.

A giant sculpture of lovers kissing adorns a park in Lima, Peru.

I’m grateful for the beauty of art and the joy it evokes.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Be wowed by art around the world!

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