Gratitude and Joy

Day 40 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Words

As a former journalist, I am a student of words. I enjoy learning new ones. I embrace wordplay. I am enthralled by the flexibility and expansiveness of languages.

Greg is a wordsmith, too. We often grab the Scrabble board and challenge each other to drive the score higher and higher with unusual and unexpected solutions to the luck of the draw of lettered tiles.

Greg ponders his next play.

It’s not just games, though. We are both writers and find ourselves reaching for a myriad of tomes that weigh down our bookshelves in search of the right quote or the right alternative to a word in our drafts.

Three of my favorite go-to books from our shelves.

In conversation, I can be simple and easy with commonly used words and phrases, or dig deep into the chasm of my brain and uncover a rarely used supercilious comment to spice up a chat.

Discussing something important? ( image)

As I travel the world and learn a foreign word here and there, I am fascinated by the nuance of words in other languages. In English, we have a single word – Love – that expresses emotions that other languages can’t express with just one word. You can’t love a person and food with the same word in French or Spanish or Italian or … well, you get the point.


There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. No matter where you travel, you’ll need words.

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