Gratitude and Joy

Day 51 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Coffee

Perhaps it’s because I usually write my blogs later in the day, but somehow, one of my great joys has slipped to day 51 … coffee … because coffee is joy in a cup.

I didn’t learn to drink coffee until I was 50. Yeah, you read that right. After much consideration, I think it’s because my dad only drank his coffee black and strong, and mom never touched the stuff. Even on vacation, when coffee was the easy choice, I’d find something else to drink.

Coffee image courtesy of Pexels.

When I turned 50, Greg was dumbfounded by my morning choice of water or milk (sometimes orange juice). He laughed at the way I used diet Pepsi to get my caffeine. And he lovingly coaxed me into trying to find a way to sip this universally accepted beverage.

Doesn’t everyone have a collection of coffee cups?

I’m still a big wuss about it. I only drink medium strength coffee and only with two lumps of sugar. I’ve never figured out how to enjoy the flavors many people choose to add to their cup. 

I can’t drink it black, just two lumps of sugar please.

I am not a fan of most commercial coffee. It’s too strong for me. The ubiquitous brand everyone seems to love (Starbucks), tastes burnt to my still amateurish taste buds. But every morning I get up and head to the coffee maker for that one cup of steaming nectar. I am grateful it’s there and it brings me joy knowing I finally figured out how to sip and savor it daily.

A morning dose of hot caffeine!

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. You can find coffee everywhere!

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