Gratitude and Joy

Day 55 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy -Love Notes and Postcards

During a video meeting a few days ago, a colleague asked about a few items on the bookshelf in our office. One of them was a greeting card, the cover composed of tightly and intricately wrapped colored paper making a heart- and wine-shaped pattern. As art, it is quite stunning, which is why it sits on the shelf, bringing me joy every time I look at it. 

This card is so intricate and beautiful it has a spot on our bookshelves.

But it’s the message INSIDE for which I am grateful. It was from Judy on Valentine’s Day 2020. I’ll spare you the truly gushy stuff, but in it she wrote, “I wish I could whisk you off to Key West or Vasto or anywhere to spirit you away for a break from the mundane.” While our life together has never been mundane, her words were prescient as only a month later we would be mired in the life- and lifestyle-changing grip of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Judy has written about the joy of receiving cards and letters, but today I’m grateful for SAVING all those cards and letters. Reading old cards like these reminds me of why we sent them in the first place, to capture something joyous … to try and capture the love we share in words … to simply say, “thank you.”

Expressions of love … not the digital kind.

It’s also why we send each other postcards on our adventures, even though we’re traveling together! We get to share a moment in time from our trip and experience it a week or so after we return. We keep them in a box and from time-to-time we’ll pull them out just to experience some of that joy again!

We send them to each other … a little surprise and souvenir when we get home.

There’s a whole world out there, waiting to be explored. Send love to someone along the way!

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