Gratitude and Joy

Day 54 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Spontaneity

Since my Year of Gratitude and Joy began, I have been trying to figure out how to show spontaneity in images … Those last-minute, crazy decisions that turn into memories of fun… Those unplanned excursions and adventures that leave you with stories to tell for years.

About a week ago, a couple of lifelong friends appeared poised to cancel a spring visit. I was crestfallen. It looked like a long weekend of fun and frivolity was doomed. 

Earlier this week, the air show that was the reason for the timing of the visit was canceled!

The bad news announcement was very formal.

Then … girlfriend one messaged me that she’s coming anyway! The group chat quickly turned into TWO confirmations for the visit!. They found a better deal by flying into Las Vegas and renting a car for the short drive down to the Phoenix area.

Let’s do this!

Suddenly, one of them suggested I haul myself up to Vegas for a night of fun on the Strip and a mini road trip the next day. SURE! Why not??

ROAD TRIP! (Photo by Avinash Patel on

I checked on flights and discovered I had enough points to fly for nothing. Then … I checked on hotel points and learned I had enough points to spring for a suite for our party night!

Slow season+status+points=WOW

I spent several hours dancing around my house like a lunatic … a kid on Christmas morning … someone who had just won the lottery.

YAY!!! It’s Party time! (Photo by cottonbro on

So … I found a few images on a photo service, added a couple of my own and … VOILA … I am grateful for spontaneity and overjoyed at expected fun.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Drop what you’re doing and go check it out!

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