Gratitude and Joy

Day 44 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Cards and Letters

When I was very young, my mom would sit my sisters and I down in the day or two following Christmas and our birthdays with a pencil, paper, and envelopes and make us write thank you notes to anyone who had given us a gift. It’s really a dying tradition, but not completely.

I shared a picture of the note I received from the women on an international science fellowship who thanked me for sharing a reason to celebrate each day during their Antarctic expedition. I have a few thank you notes I’ve collected over the years from recipients of graduation, birthday and special occasion gifts.

Miscellaneous cards from over the years.

It’s not just thank you notes, though. I have a whole box of cards and letters from my son and daughter …

A sample of the notes from my kids.

… a few from my grandkids, handwritten as they learned their letters …

My grandkids send notes, cards and drawings. I keep them all.

… and a pretty large stack of love notes and cards and “just because” letters from Greg.

There’s always a reason to send a love note.

Every now and then I take a bit of time to flip through the box where I keep these penned treasures. It always makes me smile as I re-read the memories carefully written in ink, pencil and crayon. We even have a small collection of anniversary cards between Greg’s dad and step-mom.

It’s fun to be able to glimpse into the past and see their love.

I am grateful there are still people in the world who take the time to actually “put pen to paper” and drop something in the mail to someone special. Whether store bought or handcrafted, the thrill of opening an envelope and finding a personally chosen or created treat inside fills me with joy.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Send a card or letter to someone you love.

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