Gratitude and Joy

Day 45 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Technology

As I sat at my computer recently, I realized I am grateful for technology. If you’re over 40, you likely have some memories of a time before you had the world at your fingertips. Research meant a trip to an actual library, staying in touch meant physical letters (snail mail) and the weeks-long wait for a response.

When she was three, my daughter loved spending time in the library.

Photos were carefully chosen because film was relatively expensive and involved dropping off somewhere for processing before your pictures came back … only to learn half the images were out of focus, your finger blocked the lens … and more.

There was a great sense of anticipation as you waited for your pictures to be developed.

I still remember my first cell phone. It was a brick of a phone and calls were charged by the minute!

I had one of these bricks in the early days of cell phones. Now mine fits in my pocket.

Fast forward 30 years and I can sit by the TV with my phone in hand and ask whether the tattoos on Ryan Phillipe’s arms in “The Shooter” are real. I can quickly learn where a show is shot. I can look up the definition of a crossword clue (it’s a twist on cheating). I can search for a recipe that includes ingredients in my fridge.

You can find a recipe for anything online … no need for cookbooks anymore.

And … one of the best things … I can stay in touch with friends I thought were lost forever on sites like Facebook, Instagram and more. That’s no easy feat for a girl who grew up all over the world.

Facebook says we’ve been friends for 12 years. It’s actually closer to 40.

I recently saw a meme that pointed out the difference between 1970 and 2022 is the same as the time span from 1918 to 1970. I was stunned as I thought of how far we’d come in my lifetime and thrilled that life is so easy now.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored … and it’s so much easier to explore it now.

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