Gratitude and Joy

Day 67 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Facecbook Memories

Facebook sends me a message every day so I can look back on my memories from that day going back almost 15 years. It’s always fun. I’m fascinated how certain days seem to show I do the same thing around that date year-after-year. I’m grateful for the chance to look back and remember the joy of my life. Here’s a recent memory that inspired today’s post:

Greg and I decided to spend last night away from the TV and technology. We put our phones in the other room and turned on our turntable grabbing a few favorite LPs.

Back in the day I spent hours shopping for albums.

While we listened to the strains of Queen, the Eagles and other favorites – complete with the slight pops and cracks of vinyl streaming through the speakers, I watched him. His eyes were closed, his head tossed back. He had escaped into the music. We did that a lot in our teens … to vinyl, to the sounds of FM radio. I escaped a little on my own and traveled to the past.

We didn’t know each other as teens. Hell … we didn’t know each other until we were well into our 40s! I remembered some of the guys from those teen years, and my 20s and even my 30s. I have great memories of dates and relationships. I’ve been lucky enough to maintain friendships with several old boyfriends. Memories are always perfect.

My best friend and I hanging out in high school … we were all about Top 40 hits.

I definitely tend to forget the bad and remember the good. I guess I’m officially an optimist in that regard. My memories are, for the most part, happy. But they can also be a little bittersweet. I have my fair share of “what ever happened to … “ and “I wonder what would’ve happened if we had stayed together” memories.

Then I look at this guy with a blissful look on his face as he sings along to Queen and the Eagles. I’ve made some wrong turns along the way, but they all led me to this place where I am incredibly happy. Often I close my eyes and cross my fingers so no one pinches me to wake me up. If this is a dream … I don’t want to wake up from it.

Sure, memories may be perfect … but my life is even perfecter! (and yes, I know that’s not a real word!)

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Keep making memories worth reminiscing.

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