Gratitude and Joy

Day 68 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Paint

I grew up as a military kid. We moved a  LOT … about every two years. I enlisted in the Air Force while I was in college and began my own life of moving … a LOT. We lived mostly in military housing on base, occasionally renting a house off base when quarters were not available. When you’re a temporary resident, you tend not to paint the walls because you either have to pay a fee to have them repainted, or do it yourself when you move out. Consequently, I spent almost my entire life in homes with white walls … until now.

When Greg and I moved into our first apartment, he suggested we paint the bedroom. My response was utter shock, “WHAT?? Paint a room??? Um … OK, I guess. You know we’re renting, right? We have to paint it back when we move out.” So … we painted (and repainted it when we moved out).

We’ve gone with the same hue in every bedroom we’ve shared.

We’ve been together for ten years and this home is our fifth together. I guess some things (like moving a lot) never change. But everywhere we’ve lived, we’ve always painted the bedroom … until now. Our Arizona home came with beige walls. Within a month we had painted the walls of our home office and some accents on the archways between rooms, but not the bedroom. 

Side-by-side desks with a pretty blue on the walls.

We spent three years sitting around the dinner table hemming and hawing over paint colors. We came up with options, ideas,and suggestions, but nothing stuck … until now. A couple of weeks ago we made the decision and I dashed off to Lowe’s to get a couple of gallons of paint. We decided to do the entertaining spaces first, so we tackled the living room with a shade that evokes the red rocks of Sedona.

We are capturing the colors of Arizona in our home.

Next up was the lounge. This week, we emptied the walls, taped the edges and grabbed our brushes to add some much-needed color to this fun space. It’s called “Firenze” and looks like an adobe-brick orange.

Smiling for the camera.

There’s more to come, but as we finished the second room I realized I am THRILLED with having color on the walls. I feel like I live in a fancy resort. It’s personal. I am so very grateful for Greg’s eagerness to contribute to the creation of a unique and special home. He enjoys mulling over color choices and is more than willing to grab a brush and paint.

He’s got a steady hand, so no need to tape the ceiling.

Today I will sit in my house and revel in my colorful surroundings filled with gratitude and joy. Tomorrow (metaphorically) we’ll tackle the bedroom.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Find inspiration where you go and color your world!

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