Gratitude and Joy

DAY 71 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – That New Car Smell

“Maybe we should just swing into one of the car dealers and ask how long the wait for a new car is and what the current deals are,” I flippantly suggested as we drove to the grocery store. “After all,” I added, “it’s only one light farther down the road.”

That’s how the second half of our Sunday started. We’d been discussing the fact that we should consider a second car since our fun little convertible is coming up on a milestone number on the odometer and we want to keep her around a long time for “play days.” 

Having a little fun on a play day in our Spider.

Since we’d recently rented a Hyundai we liked, we ended up at Ken Garff Hyundai. As we drove onto the lot, a pretty red Tucson caught our eye. Before we’d even made it to the showroom door, Steve met us under a beautiful blue Arizona sky and asked if we were looking for anything in particular. 

It was all smiles as Steve showed us the features of our new SUV.

We answered “no” in unison and proceeded to ask about current deals and wait times for SUVs. As we chatted about lack of inventories and rising interest rates, he pointed to that Calypso red beauty on the sidewalk and suggested we just sit in it … maybe take it for a spin. It turned out to be exactly what we wanted with exactly the options we would have chosen if we had to order it.

Thumbs up and happy smiles from the new owners .

Within 20 minutes, we were processing the paperwork to buy a new SUV! The whole thing took a couple hours from start to finish; no fuss no muss. We were stunned and thrilled. Greg slid behind the wheel of “Francesca,” our Fiat Spider, and I piloted “Giorgio” as we finally made our way to the grocery store.

Ready for my inaugural drive.

The decision felt a little last-minute, but we really had been talking about it for about six months. Expedited, perhaps, by the fact that Friday morning we awoke to a dead battery in our little Spider. Francesca needed a new spark … so we got her a new battery … and a new boyfriend.

Francesca and Giorgio.

We’re now a two car family for the first time in ten years. I’m grateful for so many things … and smiling brightly at the new car smell that will greet me for a few weeks as I take our flashy red newcomer out for spins.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. We’re gonna have a little fun exploring it in our new SUV.

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