Gratitude and Joy

Day 72 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – The Middle of the Night

Any mom will tell you a moment of total peace and quiet is almost impossible to find. Even when the kids are out, the sounds of the day win out over silence. Most of us don’t even notice until, suddenly, it happens.

I woke up in the middle of the night. It was, as expected, pitch dark. The only sound was the ticking of a clock in the other room … in the other room! I strained for other sounds. Greg was sleeping so soundly next to me, I almost couldn’t hear him breathing. It was utter silence. It was SO peaceful.

Photo by Lucas Andrade on

As I lay there, unmoving so as not to disturb the stillness, my mind took a little vacation. I remembered times when my kids were little and I would sneak into their room and watch them sleeping soundly. I’d tucked those cherished moments of silence away in my memory.

There’s nothing quite as peaceful as a sleeping baby.

I remembered quiet walks in the woods when the only sounds were the gentle rustling of the wind through the leaves and the soft crunch of my feet on the path. Not total silence, but so close and exceptionally peaceful. In winter, the snow seems to absorb all sound, making these walks even more surreal.

Fresh snow on a wooded path in Switzerland.

Babies grow into adorable, laughter-filled, noisy kids. Lone walks through the woods turn into adventure hikes with curious questions and more laughter,  but the middle of the night is always there. 

Hiking through the woods when my kids were little.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. No matter where you are, you may wake up in the silent stillness of the night and enjoy a moment of peace.

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