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Day 73 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Fun With Corks

Several years ago, when I first discovered Pinterest, I started seeing things you can make with wine corks. “OK,” I thought, “I can do that!” I started saving corks and went out and bought a glue gun.

As Christmas approached that year, I grabbed my glue gun and bucket of corks and headed for the dining room table. That’s when I discovered I needed a few more things for my first project – a wine cork Christmas tree. Back to the craft store for more supplies. 

Glue gun, glue sticks.

Fully stocked, I plugged in the glue gun and got to work. I admit, I am not very crafty. Wine corks, though, are easy and really forgiving. My little tree came out great! I was determined to keep trying. I made several more trees that year and even gave a couple away as gifts.

Ready to celebrate.

I saved more corks and started thinking about other things I could try to create. I considered a trivet or decorative tray. I thought, “hmm, maybe a bath mat?” I’d seen a picture of one online and it was kinda cool looking. Naw, too funky-looking. But I kept saving corks and kept thinking of ideas.

My pile of wine corks even includes some glass ones.

A hand-crafted metal sign we acquired in Key West begged to be filled with corks. They added texture and a bit of color to the already unique piece of art.

We filled the sign with corks and lit it.

When we moved to Arizona, my cork pile was getting pretty substantial. I had enough to use as filler in a giant vase. I made a few more trees as gifts. I was beginning to wonder what on Earth I could do with all those corks. A friend sent a picture of a chair made out of wine corks. Another emailed me a wine cork bikini. I considered my hobby was getting out of hand.

My response to this concept was (and still is) NOPE!

Then I noticed the spot behind our wine sink. It was a bare wall that needed something bar-themed to cover it. AHA! I could cover it with wine corks! I measured the space, cut a piece of cardboard to use as a backer and grabbed the glue gun. My first attempt was crooked and amateurish. When we repainted the room, I took all the corks off the cardboard and started over. 

I couldn’t un-see the crooked lines.

This time I used thin plywood for a backer and planned a little more carefully. I took my time, used a pattern I had in my head and started gluing. Hours later I was thrilled. This one looks like I knew what I was doing. It includes wine and champagne corks saved for years. It’s art with memories. I’m already saving corks again for whatever comes next.

A few modifications gave this a little more style.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Save your corks and create your own art when you get home.

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