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Day 76 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Mr. Softee

Waiting in line at the DMV earlier this week, I felt a little trapped. I couldn’t pull forward. I couldn’t back up. A friend commented how being stuck in a line like that would be hard to deal with since you couldn’t take a potty break. More importantly for me, though, I couldn’t answer the call of a certain music-playing truck that pulled into the parking lot next to where I was in line. It was a Mr. Softee truck.

Teasingly close yet unbearably far away.

I watched others walk to the far side of the truck empty-handed, then walk away with a perfectly swirled concoction of dairy deliciousness. I craved one of those ice cream cones!

A joyous childhood moment (photo courtesy:

The line I was in didn’t seem to be moving. I carefully considered shutting down the car and dashing over to secure a tasty treat. There wasn’t a line waiting (that I could see). I unfastened my seat belt, began to turn the key to “off” and … the truck started moving! OH NO! I’d missed my chance.

OH NO! He’s pulling away.

I mentally chastised myself for missing out on the opportunity. After all, who isn’t grateful for the magical music-blaring, treat-laden truck that brings back fond memories of childhood? Who doesn’t remember the unbridled joy of dashing across the yard, waiting for your turn and proudly offering up the correct change for a mouth-watering, frozen cone on a hot summer day?

Start with a basic cone … the possibilities are tantalizing. (Photo courtesy:

I am immensely grateful for those happy childhood memories, even if I missed out on reliving one.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Channel your inner child and treat yourself to something tasty and fun.

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