Gratitude and Joy

Day 82 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Road Trips

There are times when you just feel the need to get behind the wheel of your ride, turn the key and drive. When there’s a reason for it, all the better.

I finally managed to coordinate schedules with two of my life long girlfriends and we decided to meet in Vegas for a couple evenings of fun and frivolity before heading back “home” to the Valley of the Sun for an extended weekend of reconnecting and relaxing. I found myself sitting in the front seat of my new ride, finger on the ignition button, ready to head out … grateful for a personal road trip with fun as the destination.

As I headed north, I marveled at the landscape. I’d never really noticed it from the driver’s seat before. I was always the passenger. This time … it was a little different.

The road beckons.

I tuned into my favorite music on the radio, gazed out at the horizon and set the cruise control so my lead foot wouldn’t get the best of me. As I neared the border of Nevada, “Last Stop” signs filled my view. I laughed as I passed one after the other … was there actually a “last stop?” 

I spotted at least three “last stops.”

I was the first to arrive. I checked into our room and took a moment to appreciate the view from the 35th floor before I headed to the airport to pick up the first to arrive. WOW! The days ahead beckoned. Easy joy and anticipation filled my soul.

The view from our room.

We all connected within hours. We spent the day in the sunshine, laughing and joking like we had just seen each other. The time melted away. 

Laughing and joking as if we’d been together just yesterday.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Reconnect and re-explore with friends.

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