Gratitude and Joy

Day 83 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Amazon Alexa

“Alexa, shuffle my playlist Latin Dance Party.” With just a few simple words, music emanates from the speaker without having to get out of the pool! I am truly grateful for this technology that makes listening to my music so easy.

From playlists to albums and podcasts, Amazon Music has everything needed for my listening pleasure.

Sure, Amazon Echo and devices like them can do many other things. Ours (we have five!) control lights both inside and out, fountains and other things that run on electricity, and our Fire TV controls what we watch,  but our greatest use is for listening to music. The sound quality from the little puck-like device is amazingly good. I love and have vinyl records, but the ease of calling up an album or playlist on Amazon Music means that we always have a soundtrack in the background. I’ve created playlists for parties and road trips. We routinely listen to reruns of Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 on Sirius XM Saturday mornings, playing on all our Echo devices so the music is everywhere in the house. 

Vinyl is great, but Alexa is easier!

Just yesterday, we were sitting outside with friends and I asked Alexa to play a particular song. After a few moments, I realized the song was playing on our neighbor’s device!  I must admit, I was tempted to let it play on until they got home from an evening out just to freak them out a bit! But it does show the ubiquity of the devices

Sure, Alexa sometimes doesn’t fully understand what we’re asking, and bandwidth issues can sometimes cause annoying breaks in the music. But for someone who loves listening to music all the time, she’s a godsend!  We’ve even started taking one on trips so we can listen to our music anywhere! 

Alexa goes where we go!

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Music is universal and makes for a small world (just ask Disney). Take Alexa with you and enjoy the sound everywhere.

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