Gratitude and Joy

Day 85 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Ideas

I have several folders on my computer full of pictures of things I’ve come across that I found fascinating. In some cases, the pictures are ideas of things I want to consider doing to my house … or putting in my house. 

A few things that have inspired me … I definitely added color to my kitchen.

One entire folder is full of articles about places I want to go. It includes dozens of destinations in Arizona, places around the world that intrigue me and, more recently, ideas for road trips. We’ve been doing road trips more and more often and are really having fun with the flexibility they offer and the ability to see something unexpected and add a diversion to the itinerary.

This flyer popped up in my inbox inspiring me to figure out how to go on a safari.

In recent weeks, I’ve snapped several photos of things when I was out shopping. Ideas for a gift, a fun addition to our decor or even a major purchase to consider down the road.

We saw this gorgeous couch at the Cowboy Show in Las Vegas … it may find its way to our living room.

Inspiration can sometimes cause the tiniest of changes that leave you saying, “why didn’t I think of that before?” A few months ago, Greg saw a photo that combined cowboy chic with modern. He swapped the rug in the lounge with a cowhide and, voila, a new look that we just love!

Our mid-Century cowboy lounge … in slate tones for fun.

I wrote once about not settling, asking myself the question, “Is It Ever Enough?” As I wander the world, encountering things that leave me scratching my head, I am filled with ideas and encouraged to keep trying new things. Life is such an amazing adventure!

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. May you encounter ideas and inspirations everywhere.

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