Gratitude and Joy

Day 88 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – My Guest Blogger

By now you’ve noticed my guest blogger, AKA my husband, has been chiming in almost regularly lately. Some of that is because my blogs have inspired him to put those things he is grateful for into writing … some is because I’ve been so insanely busy that he wanted to chip in to help me. 

My March calendar was a little crazy.

Both reasons fill me with joy. I am honored that my little tomes have become something of a muse that feeds his desire to write. I am also deeply appreciative of his eagerness to help me out when I foolishly fill my schedule so much that I run out of hours before I complete my tasks.

Photo Courtesy:

I would be remiss if I let that go unheralded. We often write together for fun and our own entertainment, but seeing him enthusiastic about wanting to share those thoughts with all of you puts a big grin on my face. He makes it easy to smile all the time.

He makes it easy to smile

To be honest, who among us doesn’t love that moment when someone says, “Oh, I took care of that for you” and we discover the dishes are done, or the laundry is already in the dryer (or even better, it’s folded!), or the trash is at the curb? It’s always a joyful surprise.

He folded the towels! Photo courtesy:

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Do something for someone who doesn’t expect it and put a smile on their face.

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