Gratitude and Joy

Day 90 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Pedicures

As the weather turns sunny and beautiful, we’re all digging out our sandals and flip flops and looking down at our feet. They’ve been hidden away in socks and shoes and boots for the winter and are looking a little like a bear looks when it first comes out of hibernation. 

It’s time for that first pedicure of the spring, that appointment that has us apologizing to the technician and gushing with gratitude when it’s all done. We agonize over the color choices that will make our toes springtime-premiere ready.

Choosing a color is the hardest part

We make our way to the massage chair and fondly push the buttons for the rolling, kneading and pulsing relaxation as our feet plunge into the warm water-filled foot spa.

The back massaging, foot jacuzzi chairs.

We prop our heels on the padded cushion and sit back, letting a professional attack our toe-talons, our sandpaper-like heels and our bare-naked toenails. 

Getting long lasting gel takes an extra step, but lasts longer.

In less than an hour, we slide our feet into flip flops and walk outside, exposing our feet to their first fresh sunshine of the year. We walk a little taller, feeling ready for the world because our toes are pretty. It’s weird, but it’s a moment of silly joy. If you’re like me, you snap a quick pic and share it on Facebook or Instagram … or both.

Facebook worthy toes.

For all you guys out there wondering what it’s all about, more often than not Greg joins me. He’s even gotten color several times, although mostly he just gets to enjoy all the rest of the pleasures that go with a great pedicure.

Greg joins me most of the time.

I’ve actually watched his eyes close in pure joy as the tech begins the final step … the foot and leg massage.

The foot and leg massage … yes, please!

There’s something a little magical about a pedicure and I am oh-so-grateful for the women and men who pull up those tiny stools and spend time making our feet presentable.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Why not explore it with pretty feet?

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