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Day 92 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Whodunit?

A couple of weeks ago a friend sent a note asking if Greg and I would be interested in a Murder Mystery Dinner Party. We both answered, “Yes!” enthusiastically. In a few days, the “official” invitation came in the mail outlining the characters we’d been assigned and offering up costume suggestions.

You’re invited to a celebration.

Sunday afternoon, after a relaxing day off, we showered and dressed to dine as “Tiny Bubbles” and “Ralph Rottingrape” as we celebrated the return of the “Napa Valley Wine Festival and Grape Harvest.” As soon as we arrived, the festivities began.

The suspects dressed for their roles … who did the deed?

We sipped wines (of course) and got into character when suddenly we learned the floor in the wine cellar had split open during an earthquake and revealed a dead body … obviously murder! Gasp!! It turned out to be my missing fiance!

Hamming it up when the body is discovered.

Dinner was served and the questioning and accusations flew. Who was the murderer? All six of us had been there when “Barry” went missing. All six of us had motive and opportunity …

Dinner begins … and so does the questioning.

We had scripts and clues to share with each other as we tried to solve the mystery.

My script and clues.

We ate. We drank. We laughed. Five hours flew by before we learned the identity of the murderer. We laughed some more as the majority admitted we’d all suspected the same person … and it wasn’t her.

Cheers to a fun evening.

As the night came to a close and we strolled home, I was struck with how grateful I am to have neighbors who throw such fun parties and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. It’s easy to be happy.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Have fun and laugh … a lot … on life’s journey.

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