Arizona, Gratitude and Joy

Day 95 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – New Neighbors

One of the great things about moving into a retirement community is the knowledge that everyone here came to this place because they wanted to. We’re all looking for activities and new friends and a fresh start to a new chapter in our lives.

As our community grows, those of us who’ve been here for a few years watch with amazement as the new homes go up around us.

Our neighborhood is growing by about 40 homes a month!

We wander the neighborhood sections that are under construction, curiously peeking into the homes to see what our new neighbors will see from their back porch … or the floorplan they chose … or other features and options. 

When our home was being built, we caught the sunset from our future backyard.

We often encounter the couple who will be moving into a new house. A frequent greeting on our walks is, “Is this your new home?” It’s a chance to greet them, offer a welcome to the neighborhood and learn where they are from. 

The construction process is fascinating.

They come from everywhere: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Wyoming, California, Oregon, Washington. There are many Canadians who settle here, opting to be “snowbirds” and head home for the cool northern breezes in the summer. 

It’s exciting to see the variety of backgrounds that come together to form a single community. We wave at each other on walks and shout greetings to those driving by on golf carts. We marvel at the pleasantries that are a daily constant here. We gather informally at our golf course grill for a drink or meal with a view.

The view is even better when you look beyond your Bloody Mary. LOL.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Have fun looking everywhere before you find that place to call home.

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