Gratitude and Joy

Day 102 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Here Comes the Heat

The meteorologists of the National Weather Service are warning us that the first 100 degree day of the year is on the horizon. It won’t be a record. The record for the earliest three-digit temp day in Phoenix was 26 March 1988. We did break the record for the most 100+ days in 2020. It was a very hot summer! Check out the weather records where you live here

It’s gonna get hot soon.

We are all concerned with the weather from our earliest days. Our moms check the forecast to determine whether to bundle us up like the Michelin man or let us run around barefoot with shorts and tank tops. 

Bundled up for those frozen adventures. (Photo on

We tease each other across the miles. It’s fun to log into a work call from outside in the sun on a beautiful day when your coworkers are hunkered inside because of a late spring snow. But turnabout is fair play. Later this summer when we are forced inside with triple digit heat, they will all be enjoying the relative cool of shady backyards.

Shady yards offer a cool retreat. (Photo on

Now that our pool is done, it’s exciting to see the mercury climb on the thermometer. It means we can leave the cover off the pool overnight and not have to heat it to enjoy blissfully temperate water. 

Capturing the heat of the sun.

The hot weather here also means it will be more fun packing for trips elsewhere. Let’s face it, you can fit a lot more short sleeve shirts and sandals into your luggage (or save room for souvenirs) when you don’t have to include bulky sweaters and boots. 

Bulky clothes take up a lot more space in your luggage. (Photo on

I’m grateful for the changing season, even though it’s a lot more subtle in the desert. The flowers bring me joy.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Check out the same place in different seasons, it may surprise you.

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