Gratitude and Joy

Day 103 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Easy Days

The other day I was just relaxing on my patio in the sun, enjoying the breeze with a good book. 

I looked down at myself and thought … dang, I look way thinner from this angle. I proceeded to laugh at myself while trying to capture my own view with my camera. 

Sunshine, a little shade from my hat and a good book.

I read a cheesy novel for a while, sipped some ice water and took stock of my lazy afternoon. I feel supremely lucky to have this life … it was often an uphill battle getting here … but it’s awfully terrific now. 

I opened my big umbrella and moved to the hammock where the warm breezes took over and I dozed. Greg even snuck a pic. 

Surprise, I caught you napping.

I didn’t know about his photo effort until hours later, long after I’d snapped my own hammock selfie. 

Sunny day hammock selfie.

There are many of these easy days. I’m so immensely grateful for my easy life and the easy laughter that comes with it. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Take it easy!

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