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Day 104 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Keeping it Spicy

WARNING!  Long-time readers know I have a love of irreverent and sometimes inappropriate humor (like my laughter blog). This blog falls within that category. You are forewarned…

Running errands around Phoenix recently, a brightly colored sign caught my eye. It was the outlet store for Ass Kickin’ Hot Sauce. I didn’t even know it was a local product, but there it was … the store attached to the factory.

The colorful sign is hard to miss.

I didn’t stop that day, but I immediately thought of my neighbor who is a HUGE fan of hot and spicy things. When I got home I sent her a note and we made plans to check it out. 

From the moment we turned into the parking lot, we knew we were in for some fun.

Which way?

We followed “him” and went thataway to the store parking lot. For a second we worried it was closed … there were no cars. But … the big “OPEN” sign on the door eased our worries.

Yep … it’s open.

We headed into the relatively small space that was loaded to the brim with every imaginable flavor of Ass Kickin Hot Sauce.

It wasn’t all super hot and spicy, though. As a self-described wuss about heat, I was relieved to spot the “Candy Ass Mild” label on a bottle of BBQ Sauce … and another mild label on ketchup – with BACON!

Luckily, not everything was crazy hot!

I snagged a few things to share with my daredevil grandkids when they come to visit this summer. It was difficult to choose from so many amazing options. There’s even a whole section of tiny sample-sized bottles for those looking to try one or two … or all … of the levels of heat.

More than a dozen flavors to light your tongue on fire.

I love true outlet stores like this one. I’m grateful I can find local merchandise to share with friends who come to visit. It’s one of life’s little joys.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Laugh a little at the humor while you delight in local finds.

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