Gratitude and Joy

Day 111 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Taxes

As Americans breathe a collective sigh of relief for completing their taxes, I’m grateful for tax preparation software.

I’ve been doing my own taxes most of my adult life. For the most part, my taxes have been simple enough that I haven’t needed to use professionals, but I have certainly done so when conditions warranted!. Nevertheless, doing these myself ensures I have a full understanding of my tax and financial picture.

Tax software made the job easy.

The software makes the job so easy, walking me through each step. It’s also easy to save the file, encouraging me to tackle the taxes early and in small steps, making an often arduous task a walk in the park. This is a far cry from the days I had to fill out the 1040 with complicated IRS instructions in hand in one marathon session, hoping no mistakes were made. 

Taxes are stressful! (Photo courtesy

Furthermore, the software checks for errors, and makes e-filing brilliantly easy. There’s no more running out at 11 p.m on April 15 to find an open post office. Yep. This happened to me about 30 years ago. 

If that weren’t enough the software is inexpensive! I have an automatic subscription, but walking through Costco the other day, you could buy the basic version of TurboTax for only $45.

Easy to find … and easy to afford.

I know doing your own taxes isn’t right for everyone, but I always feel a sense of accomplishment, if not joy, when I press “send.”

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Paying taxes is part of life’s journey. You might as well make it as easy as possible!

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1 thought on “Day 111 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Taxes”

  1. I had the same thoughts this year. I’m by no stretch of the imagination a tax genius, but the tax-filing technology really has come a long way. It’s dummy proof. I too remember the paper instructions and running to file before the stroke of midnight. Of course, there is one bad thing: I have no one else to blame now for putting it off. I’m forced to look at the guy in the mirror! Ha, ha!


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