Arizona, Gratitude and Joy

Day 112 – A Day of Gratitude and Joy – Easter Sunrise

I woke this morning to the sound of birds chirping outside my bedroom window, the first rays of sun peaking through the blinds. Turning on the coffeemaker, I uncharacteristically stepped outside to do some morning stretching instead of heading immediately to my office to check email. I was met with the brilliant rays of an Arizona sunrise that brought me incredible joy!

In November, Judy captured this spectacular sunrise from the front yard.

Springtime in Arizona is one of my favorite times of year, with warm — even hot — days, but the temperatures are deliciously cool overnight. My bare feet touched down onto the travertine patio. I reveled in the cool touch of the stone. I turned to the east and did a few sun salutations, downward dogs, planks and neck stretches to try and limber-up my aging body, all the while enjoying the energy of the sun’s light. I was reminded how good I felt when I took yoga classes regularly 20 years ago; this morning ritual may become a thing!

They call them sun salutations for a reason. (Photo courtesy:

Coffee cup in hand, Judy joined me a bit later on the patio as I sat down to write this. She turned on the gas fireplace to take the edge off the chill, and we both listened to the sounds of the morning along with the roaring fire, watching the hummingbirds flit around the bright spring green of the Palo Verde tree leaves.

The early sun casts long shadows across the patio.

“Happy Easter,” she said as she sat down, and it is perhaps fitting that I felt this joy on the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ. I’m not a particularly religious person, but I am spiritual, and it’s mornings like this that remind me how truly blessed I am, and for which I am always grateful.

My gratitude abounds this morning.

There’s a whole world out there, waiting to be explored. Take the time to enjoy each morning along your journey!

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