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Day 113 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – The All-American Saloon

Living in the west is a lot different than living in the east. For starters, everything is much more spread out. There’s more space … everywhere. But that is just a small piece of it. Back east, history is everywhere. Greg and I could hop in the car on a Saturday and visit places many people have only read about in history books like Gettsyburg, Mount Vernon, and Monticello.

Looking out one of the windows at Jefferson’s Monticello.

Once we moved out west, we realized the cool things to see included some history, sure, but it all has that “wild west” flavor … ghost towns are a great example.

My grandkids loved checking out the stove at Vulture Mine.

And then there’s the saloon … the all-American classic wild west saloon! Very near where we live is the Wild Horse West (I still don’t know if there’s a Wild Horse East). It’s got a big dusty parking lot and a western-style look.

The Wild Horse West has a distinctly western look.

There’s no swinging half-door at the entrance. That is, no doubt, because it is thankfully air conditioned inside. But the bathroom walls are corrugated tin … so the feel of a saloon lives on. 

The bathroom is lined with corrugated tin … and painted with a western scene.

There’s a big screen TV in the corner that plays the “Grit” channel … old classic westerns … to add to the ambience. When we were there, only a couple of patrons were wearing cowboy hats. The saloon, after all, is near a big lake, so the feeling of the place is more fishing than wrangling. 

A stuffed fish and neon beer lights add a classic touch.

Dozens of ice cold beers are available along with a classic American menu … limited but just what the “sheriff” ordered. Chili and onions are available on just about everything.

I wonder if you could get chili on that grilled cheese.

We met friends there recently and chatted about sailing while we sipped our bottles of brew and dug into chili-laden plates of goodness. It was fun and very worth it … but if you go, be prepared! The Wild Horse only accepts cash. I kinda want to see someone sidle up to the bar and plunk down a silver dollar for a shot.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Find a cool saloon near you and enjoy a beer for me.

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