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Day 114 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Grown-up Play Days

One of the very best parts about being retired is the freedom to have spontaneous play days. You know … those days when you don’t have any pressing tasks, so you can grab a friend and just go do something. It harkens back to high school when afternoons, weekends and summer vacations were all about fun. 

In the past week or so, I’ve been lucky enough to have two last-minute and one scheduled play day. Certainly the most relaxing was the scheduled one. Greg and I had massages on the calendar. From there we popped up to a favorite local place on a picture-perfect Arizona afternoon for shopping and lunch.

After relaxing massages, we sipped cocktails in the Arizona sunshine at Tonto Bar and Grill in Cave Creek.

Before that was the day my next-door neighbor and I made our way to the Ass-Kickin’ Hot Sauce outlet store. Right after we left there, we stumbled on a fabulous new Mexican food place, Barrio Queen. We sipped margaritas and ate scrumptious, decadent food while we chatted and laughed away a good chunk of the afternoon.

My neighbor, Pam, expresses her delight over the spicy salsa at Barrio Queen.

Then, over the weekend, another neighbor asked if I could take her to a tile place I know so she could pick out a new look for a planned project in their home. Once the “task” of the day was done, we made our way to Scottsdale where we spoiled ourselves with delicious wine and an incredible Italian lunch at La Locanda before dilly-dallying our way in and out of the jewelry stores in Old Town Scottsdale.

These leisurely days make me feel like I’m living the never-ending vacation. I’m grateful for the joy of play days.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Enjoy finding new things near home with no time constraints.

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