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Day 115 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Puppy Prep: Take 1

Greg and I are both dog people. We’ve each had dogs most of our lives. But, when we got together we moved to a “no pets” apartment building. It was tough! Greg loves to tell the story of the time he took me to a PetSmart adoption day and paid the pet rescue organization $50 just so I could play with a couple of the dogs for a while. I needed puppy time.

We’ve talked about getting a dog for years. The biggest things that stopped us were our love for travel and the fact that we had a two-seater car … I mean, where would we put a fur baby? So, when we recently took the dive and bought a second vehicle, it took about a week before Greg suggested we look into getting a puppy.

We had a Pontiac Solstice for the first six years of our relationship – no space for a dog.

We talked about breeds and adoption options for about a week … big or small? Purebred or rescue mix? Puppy or older? How much older? We’ve both had big and little dogs, so it was a fun discussion about our personal philosophy of dogs, grooming needs and training styles.

Greg and his family’s Silky Terrier, Kanga … in 1969.

We kept coming back to the travel thing. We love spontaneous trips and last-minute adventures. We love our play days. Are we sure we want the challenge that comes with trying to maintain that lifestyle with a dog? YEP! And that made it easy to go with a small dog. I grew up with a dachshund, so I kinda pushed for another in my life and Greg agreed.

Me with our dachshund, Dojie … also in 1969.

About a week ago, the breeder I found let me know the puppies have been born! I shrieked with glee. The first pics are a little fuzzy, but she knew I’d be excited, so she sent an image of the new mom with her litter. 

A quick cell phone snap of the new litter.

Now the real work begins! We have eight-or-so weeks to turn our home into a puppy friendly living space. We’ve already ripped out the five Oleanders in the backyard because they are poisonous for pets (and people), and replaced them with “sky flowers.”

So long Oleanders, hello sky flowers.

I’ve pinged a couple of new puppy parents for advice and created a wish list on Amazon for items I can start accumulating. A neighbor is even considering throwing us a puppy shower! It’s coming together and I am bouncing with joy! I’ll keep you all posted!

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Share your love of travel with a four-legged partner, too.

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