Gratitude and Joy

Day 121 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Shade

Phoenix is the sunniest city in the United States based on the fact that it gets an average of 296 days of sun every year. We didn’t know that when we decided to move here, but it has turned out to be one of the very best things EVER!

Having lived all over the place, I’ve been able to sample more than my fair share of climates. I’ve lived where it’s hot and steamy. I’ve lived where the fog is so thick we had school delays. I’ve lived where the spring and summer threat of tornadoes is very real (yep, saw one up close when I was 7). I’ve lived north of the arctic circle where we had months of total darkness and the flipside, months of total sunlight. 

Thule is just a few hundred miles from the North Pole.

One of the great things about sunny days is that the outdoors is incredibly inviting. When the sun shines, I grab a cup of coffee in the morning or something icy cold in the afternoon and just sit on my patio. There’s often a light breeze and I’ve come to think of it as my reading space. 

My comfy reading spot in the shade is several degrees cooler than being in the sun.

Despite the sunshine being the reason for my being there, though, I find myself almost always sitting in the shade. The sun, for all its beauty, can be blazing hot. Sitting under a tree in the mottled sunshine offers the best of both worlds … sun and shade. The bonus is, the shade is several degrees cooler and that matters in the Arizona desert.

The mottled sun at a winery was the perfect place for a tasting.

It’s the same when we travel. We love to opt for outdoor seating … as long as it’s in the shade. We’ve had fabulous experiences at wineries and restaurants enjoying the flavors at a shady table.

Whether you people watch or check out the view, there’s nothing better than a shady spot. This one at Dauo Winery offered an exceptional view.

A nice, comfy shady spot is also the perfect place to just sit and people watch. You can learn a lot about a culture by the people who just stroll by.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Find a shady spot on a sunny day and watch the world go by for a bit.

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