Gratitude and Joy

Day 126 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Anticipation

As the calendar page turns to May, social media and advertisements focus on exciting things around the corner … Moms, grads and vacations.

I can (mostly) ignore the ads. I’m well-seasoned in life and have learned to be selective and skeptical about the tidal wave of attempts at convincing me to buy something. Instead, I choose to focus on the event with glee. Mothers Day is a great reason to pick up the phone and call your mom to thank her for putting up with all the hijinks you no doubt put her through … better yet, if she’s close enough go see her in person and give her a hug. (There will be a whole post for moms next weekend.)

My mom lives in Virginia, so I don’t see her often.

The teasers for grads also fill the airwaves. Get your grad ready for college … or a first apartment … or their life in general. It’s mostly easy to find something, but I remember the best gifts I received were checks and cash. I’m not a fan of giving money as a gift, but in the case of graduates, there’s something to be said for giving the new “adult” the freedom to choose what they want to get started on their independent future.

New grads appreciate getting to choose their own gifts. (Photo courtesy

The posts about vacations are harder to ignore. I’m all about travel. I even bit the bullet and got my second COVID booster shot this past week so I can simply hop on a plane and pretty much go anywhere.

That band aid means I can keep traveling.

The enticing stories of places to go stir my wanderlust. The offers of sales and special deals on airfares, hotels, vacation deals and even car rentals are enough to keep me clicking on the link to get more details. We’ve got a couple of trips planned for the summer, but I’m always trying to figure out how to go to more places and see more exciting new things.

My email is filled with enticing travel stories.

I’m learning how to be more patient, but the anticipation of something on the horizon will always be a thrill.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Enjoy the anticipation of the adventure.

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