Gratitude and Joy

Day 130 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – New Appliances

When we had our new home built, we opted for the upgraded “Chef’s Kitchen.” We love to cook and wanted the better appliances that came with the option. We also decided since this would be our (hopefully) last new home, we should splurge on the washer and dryer. Yesterday, when I was busy with chores, I realized how grateful I am that we made those choices.

I had forgotten to run the dishwasher overnight, so I threw in a soap pod and pushed the button to start it up. The little light dutifully came on indicating the cleaning process was underway. If not for the light, I would never know it was on. This appliance is virtually silent! That’s a huge change from the ones I’ve previously owned. In fact, my former dishwashers were so loud you couldn’t run them while you were trying to watch TV. I am still amazed and thrilled by how quiet this one is.

The little light is the only indication the dishwasher is running.

And then there’s the washer and dryer. To be fair, I’ve had plenty of new washers and dryers in my life. They were always white and the washers were always top-loaders. I’m short, a mere 5’1”, and that meant I had trouble reaching the bottom of the washer to get the clothes out. When we shopped for new ones for this house, we decided to get a front load set. That was the first upgrade. It sounds a bit silly, but being able to reach that last sock is a treat.

The front loading machines are infinitely easier to reach into.

The other surprise about my new high efficiency machines is they are backwards! Here’s what I mean: in the past, the dryer took about twice as long to complete its task as the washer. In fact, I always said I should have two dryers and one washer and I could get my clothes done in half the time. Not anymore! This washer spins so much water out of the clothes that they take about a third of the time to dry! Now I’m waiting for the washer to finish rather than the dryer.

So many options … and only 26 minutes.

And there’s the tankless water heater that means I can take a long (really long!) hot shower while that washer is running and the dishwasher silently does its job and never run out of hot water.

Endless hot water is amazing to me.

I remember the year my dad gave my mom our first dishwasher. I was in high school!  I remember my great aunt hanging her clothes out on the line to dry because she didn’t even own a dryer. I remember learning how to get up early to take a shower, because with two sisters, the last one in the bathroom was stuck with cold water. I marvel at the ingenuity of inventors who continue to find new ways to improve these things and I wonder, when my grandkids are grandparents, what will be making their lives even easier?

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored … and it keeps getting easier and easier to explore it.

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