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Day 129 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – The Wild West (Home Version)

When I was a young teenager living in Germany I was surprised to learn that most Germans thought all Americans wore cowboy boots and Stetsons and rode horses. At that point in my life I actually owned a pair of cowboy boots and did use them to ride and, admittedly, I wished I lived on a ranch out west.

Cowboys have always evoked the spirit of the west. (Photo courtesy

When I finally moved here, we decided we wanted our home to have a western flair … but definitely be filled with modern comfort and convenience. I mean, who wants a dirt floor and an outhouse? 

Thank goodness we don’t need one of these!

We’ve taken our time adding western touches, like the cool retro cowgirl pillow in our bar, while keeping a little of the mid-Century vibe we originally planned.

Our friend Deb bought us this pillow as a gift.

And the cowhide that covers a part of the floor …

Not only does the cowhide bring in the west, but it helps eliminate dusty footprints.

But I hesitate to add too much. The little accents add flavor without taking over. We have friends who are doing the same thing … touches without being overwhelming. A new friend and neighbor, who is a competitive single-action shooter, offers a glimpse of her skills and her love of the west in her powder room. 

What a cool western image to add as an accent.

She also has an old saddle on a stand inside her front door that makes me want to saddle up and go for a ride every time I see it. 

Where’s my horse?

She and I both lived in Germany while we were on active duty in the Air Force and have a few souvenirs of our travels in our homes, too. I wonder if Germans who vacation in the US go home with souvenirs that bring some of the wild west into their homes. It brings me joy to see these little touches of Americana in my home (and others) and reminds me how grateful I am to be an American.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Bring the things you love from your travels home with you, while also sharing the things that make home “home” with your new friends.

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