Gratitude and Joy

Day 135 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Winning

Many many years ago, my dad started a Christmas tradition. He would go out to the store and get a bunch of $1 scratch-off lottery tickets and put them in our Christmas stockings. We would all sit around for a couple of minutes scratching those tickets and sharing our, “Darn, I lost” vs “YAY, I won” moments. It was fun to share with the winners and added an additional moment of joy to Christmas morning.

My granddaughter was the big winner this year.

I still buy lottery tickets for our Christmas stockings every year, but I also grab one every once in a while when I’m at a store. Scratching those tickets reminds me of my dad and the occasional win always puts a big smile on my face.

The lottery machines make it easy to grab a ticket.

The other day I grabbed one on the way out of the store and stuck it in my purse. I forgot about it until I was grabbing something a couple days later and noticed it. I had this silly moment of glee. I reached for my lucky penny and sat down to scratch the letters on the Crossword game. I WON!

I found three words … woohoo!

That little $2 ticket resulted in a $2 prize. Now I have to go stand in line at the store to get my prize money, but the memories I hold dear and the little wins are filled with joy. I’m so grateful to have something that makes it easy to smile. My winnings will probably never pad my bank account, but they always add a little something extra to my day.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Remember to smile over the little wins.

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